How to Renovate Your Home For Your Elderly Family Member

Do you have an elderly relative moving into your home? If so, you may have concerns about their mobility now and in the future, and whether your home can accommodate them. If you’re looking to incorporate an aging-in-place renovation into your existing home, here are several factors to consider, and how Master Edge Homes can create an excellent experience for you and your family.

Alterations in design

In order to facilitate access of mobility, some of the design components of your home will need to be altered. This includes widening door frames for walker and wheelchair access, expanding hallways, adjusting walls and flooring, and transforming bedrooms and additional spaces.

These renovations can be small in scope, such as creating a curb-less shower,a bench, or large in scope, such as moving your laundry room to the second floor. Regardless of the transformation, it’s important to examine the dynamics of your home, including how many family members will be living with you, and the square footage of your home, to determine the cost and scope of your project. This will help you get a better idea of what needs to be achieved in your design, and how feasible it will be.

Incorporating lifts and ramps

If access to the second floor is important for your elderly family member, building a lift or an elevator shaft is a viable option. These options don’t always have to cover a large surface area: as long as your elderly family member has enough room to get in and out while using their walker or wheelchair, they will have enough space to feel comfortable.

Building a ramp or external lift is also essential for your elderly family member in a wheelchair to ensure they can enter and exit your home with as little stress as possible. This is among the best answers to mobility restrictions, as easy access to a home is a chief concern of many family members who are considering an aging-in-place renovation.

What if an aging-in-place renovation isn’t feasible for your home?

In some cases, an aging-in-place renovation may not be feasible for your home due to budgeting restrictions or the structure of your home. If this applies to you, Master Edge Homes can help you find the perfect home for you and your family. We know exactly what to look for, and can look at any existing structure to determine what design elements are needed to accommodate your elderly family member.

By creating, designing, and building an aging-in-place renovation or finding a home that is suitable to your family’s needs, you can ensure a better experience for your elderly relatives both physically and emotionally. Increased accessibility, in tangent with offering support to any seniors who may need help getting around your home, is the key to enhancing mobility options outside of an assisted living facility. This allows for a better quality of life for your elderly family members, and will keep your family together for years to come.

To get your start on an aging-in-place renovation, contact Master Edge Homes to book your consultation today!