How Much Will My Bathroom Renovation Cost in Markham?

How Much Will My Bathroom Renovation Cost in Markham?

You know you can’t stand the blonde oak vanities and grody old grout anymore. It’s time for a bathroom renovation. If you’ve never renovated a bathroom before, the idea of redoing your bathroom can be intimidating. If you have renovated a bathroom in the past, you may have had an experience you’d rather not replicate. How do you plan and budget for a bathroom renovation to set your project up for success?

Master Edge Homes creates stunning residential renovations in Markham, Ontario. Our deep portfolio of gorgeous results speaks for itself. Our extensive expertise in bathroom renovations equips us to give you the budgeting details you need for your next renovation.

Estimate Vs. Quote

If you begin your renovation budgeting by speaking to a few contractors in your area, you might be surprised by the wide range of estimates you receive. Estimates are educated guesses, and everyone does them a little differently. A quote is much closer to the actual price you will pay for your project. Your contractor has reviewed your space and understands the scope of work and materials needed. Unless something unexpected happens, you can use a bathroom renovation quote from your contractor to determine what you’ll actually pay. Be sure to clarify which figure you’re discussing with your contractor and how it was calculated.

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Markham, Ontario Bathroom Renovation Cost Ranges 

Of course, we can’t tell you precisely what you’ll pay for your bathroom renovation until we know more about it. However, many clients find cost ranges helpful while creating their budgets.

Hall Bathroom/Guest Bathroom

A hall, kids, or guest bathroom renovation offers a fresh new face to greet your visitors. Guest bathrooms are full bathrooms, so this renovation includes a new toilet, vanity, tub/shower combination, tile surround, flooring, trim, and wallpaper. A small bathroom renovation cost with mid-range selections in Markham will be between $20,000 and $45,000. While you can undoubtedly make luxury selections to create a welcoming and spa-like oasis for your guests, these selections will nudge your budget upwards.

Primary En-Suite Bathroom Renovation

Main bathroom renovations are usually more extensive and include more elements than a hall bathroom remodel. When building a new bathroom space connected to the primary bedroom, we know we’re creating a personal space to support homeowners in their most intimate daily routines. Many clients opt for higher-end options. Primary bathroom renovations typically involve spa-like plumbing fixtures, a frameless walk-in shower, a freestanding soaker tub, radiant heat flooring, natural stone countertops, oversized vanity, custom storage, and luxury tile. The average price to renovate a main bathroom falls between $60,000 and $90,000.

Head here for a detailed breakdown of the cost ranges for various popular renovation projects Master Edge offers in Markham.

Main Bathroom Renovation With Walk-In Shower and Tub Combo. Built-In Shelves and Towel Hooks Featured

What Influences the Cost of a Bathroom Renovation?

Size of Your Bathroom

Bigger bathrooms cost more to renovate. It takes more labour and materials to complete the job, which naturally costs more. Bigger bathrooms need to be filled, and so often include more elements such as a freestanding tub, which can be pricey.

Materials You Select

Choosing pricey products, or materials like small tiles that take time and expertise to install will contribute to the cost of your new bathroom. The cost to tile a bathroom is usually influenced more by the complexity of the tilework than it is the cost of the tile itself. Often, higher-end materials are more durable and attractive, so spending up for the right look may be worthwhile. 

The Elements You Include

The difference between a tub and shower kit and a curbless shower with custom tile and seating is quite large as far as your budget is concerned. Want radiant heat floors? A cosmetics fridge? A towel-warming drawer? A bathroom renovation is your opportunity to have it all, but you need to figure it into your budget.

Double Bathroom Vanity Renovation. Two Rows of Six Drawers Beneath the Sinks and a Large Rectangular Mirror Above

What Elements of a Bathroom Renovation Cost the Most?

The Shower/Tub

Because bathrooms are built to get wet, waterproofing is the name of the game in bathroom renovations. Bathtubs are also heavy and require careful installation. Professional work with both the tub and adjacent area such as a tile surround protects the rest of your investment. The large ticket purchase and careful installation often make tubs and showers the most expensive element of a bathroom renovation.


A professional GC will have a supply of professionals to expertly install all facets of your bathroom renovation. Plumbing and electrical should always be done by licensed professionals.  Expert renovators complete the work correctly the first time and leave beautiful results that stand the test of time. 

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Changes to Your Plan

Change orders are expensive. Picking a new product or introducing a new idea after you’ve already finalized your decisions will increase both your materials budget and your project timeline. Whether your first choice is back-ordered, or your contractor is waiting on your second choice to arrive, delays in the plan to complete your project may be further compounded as tradespeople like plumbers and electricians attempt to reschedule to meet the extended timeline. Delay is expensive. Projects that take longer than initially planned almost always cost more than comparable projects completed on time. 

New Layout or Footprint

Creating a new layout for your bathroom requires relocating plumbing and electrical work. This requires expertise and time, which adds to the cost of your reno. Creating new space by bumping out or borrowing from another room also increases the cost of your project because of the construction and engineering complexity it introduces to the project. However, there’s something to be said for committing to one big moment of chaos to transform a layout you hate into a home you love. Consider a more extensive gut job if your renovation dreams extend beyond your bathroom.

Bathroom Layout Design With Walk-In Shower Adjacent to Single-Sink Vanity.

Ready to Get Serious About Your Markham Bathroom Reno?

We can’t wait to answer your questions about your dream home renovations. Connecting with us is the fastest way to understand the differences Master Edge Homes offers. We’d love to discuss the details of your Markham, Ontario, project as soon as you’re ready!


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