Things to Consider Before you Start your Bathroom Renovation

Planning is the key to any successful renovation and bathroom renovations are no exception. Taking the time to think about some details, before any work begins, will save you a lot of frustration and money down the road. Based on our experience, we thought we’d pass along a few tips should you be considering a bathroom renovation in the future.

Important things to think about BEFORE starting your bathroom renovation:

1. The layout

It’s important to consider the layout of the bathroom. This will impact the look and flow of the space. Determine your ideal location for the plumbing – toilet, tub, shower, shower system, sink and faucets; the electrical – switches and GFI plugs (outlets above the sink), lighting, including shower light, and ceiling fan. Don’t forget about the cabinetry and the accessories as well.

The advantage of knowing the location and the sizes of the finishings before you begin construction, is that your contractor can easily determine if your vision fits the space, and adheres to current building code standards.

2. Hiring only professionals for electrical and plumbing work

There are a number of companies that claim they can do all electrical and plumbing work themselves. In order to assure long-term performance, all of the work should be performed by a licensed professional. You may pay a little more but having the work done correctly, and in accordance with the building code, will protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

3. Upgrading the flooring, baseboards and casing around the door

When flooring is being replaced, it’s also a good opportunity to upgrade baseboards and trim throughout. This will allow for more modern design elements to be incorporated. The right choice of baseboard, door casing and trim will finish off the newly renovated spaced. Paint grade poplar, rather than MDF, is the best way to go. A little more investment in terms of price comparison, but the end result will last much longer and finish off the space in a more attractive manner.

4. Purchasing from specialty stores

While many homeowners might rush off to a "big box" store when doing a bathroom renovation, the much better option is a specialty store. These stores -plumbing supply, electrical supply, flooring, tile, and cabinetry – are focused on their trade and offer superior products. The sales team is knowledgeable and experienced, always providing valuable project advice and good tips. They will also ensure that any product ordered will arrive in time for the trades to rough-in the parts that need to go behind the drywall. This allows for a continuous schedule flow and reduces the chance of delays.

With any renovation project, planning ahead has benefits from start to finish. The idea of "measuring twice and cutting once" has served contractors for ages. Pre-planning will help you avoid extra costs, budget efficiently and eliminate delays. And that, along with the beautiful end result, is what we consider a successful bathroom renovation.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"
Antoine de Saint-Exupery