Why Hire A General Contractor?

general-contractorWhile do-it-yourself projects are great for the small things, taking on a large renovation on your own can prove to be extremely overwhelming and stressful for someone without the proper skill set and tools. Home building and renovation is an industry where turning to the professionals is almost always the right choice.

With 25 years of experience in the home building industry, we have seen projects go wrong due to everything from poor management by the homeowner to inexperience of the trades people hired. To avoid these disaster situations, it is imperative to hire a general contractor (GC) who knows exactly what it takes to complete a build or renovation successfully. Below we’ve listed the most important reasons to hire a GC that will make a difference in your home build or renovation project.

Peace of Mind

  • Hiring a reputable GC can offer you peace of mind in knowing that your project was completed with the highest degree of quality.

Proper Licensing and Insurance

  • GCs should ensure that all subcontractors, or “subs”, are licensed where necessary and insured, which helps protect you and your home.

Scheduling of Trades

  • GCs with experience in the industry have very likely built up a solid team of subcontractors that would have been unavailable to you otherwise. Their team of subs is one they trust to provide the best work possible.


  • A good GC holds himself accountable for all work done by their subs. What that means is, if something isn’t done right, they assume the responsibility to have it corrected. Similarly, a general contractor is responsible to ensure all Ministry of Labour guidelines are followed on the job site. If you’re personally hiring trades people individually, you become responsible for said guidelines.


If you’re looking for complete project management and execution without the stress and time commitment, a general contractor is a must.

What have your experiences been with general contractors? Have you ever completed a home renovation project without one? We’d like to hear your feedback in the comments!