Trending Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Renovation

When considering renovating your home, you’ll want to check in on the latest trends and decide on whether they can be incorporated into your project. Although some trends come and go, others stay and help to increase the value of your investment.

So far, this year we’ve seen some amazing trends develop – specifically in the kitchen area. Here are a few of the most popular kitchen trends of 2015 that are worth considering for your next kitchen renovation.

Open concept kitchens have become quite a popular preference for homeowners. By eliminating walls, the kitchen becomes open to the rest of the home, making it easy for a family to spend time together and comfortably make use of one of the busiest areas of the home. An open concept provides airiness and can make even the smallest of spaces seem larger.


A fresh open concept kitchen.
Project: Markham Home

At the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas earlier this year, the focus was on adding accessibility and comfort in a kitchen with walk in pantries, butler’s pantries and small secondary kitchens. These features can help reduce clutter and make room for the tools that you need most accessible to you in your kitchen.

Walk in pantry.
Project: Markham Village Home

The increase of Quartz countertops has also taken place this year. Available in an extensive selection of colours, quartz is a scratch resistant, maintenance free and naturally beautiful option for your countertop. It is no mystery this countertop is trending in 2015!

Quartz Countertop
Project: Markham Home

In addition to popular choices in material, rustic chic backsplashes have become all the hype. Blending modern and clean materials with rough, weathered wood, heavy metals and other rustic materials creates the ideal rustic yet classic look for your backsplash. This backsplash combines two classic looks and together they are undeniably stunning.


Copper tiles with a white subway tile work together to create the perfect rustic chic backsplash.
Project: Angus Glen Home

Colour choices are always an integral part of a renovation and this year we’ve see or tile, creates a cool, relaxed and fresh change from the loud and classic kitchen colours of the past.

Grey Toned Flooring and wall colour compliment a white kitchen.
Project: Angus Glen Home

A final trend that appears in almost all home renovation projects today is the adoption of the mix matched colours and materials. Matching cabinets and walls are out – homeowners are embracing the ability to mix different materials and colours to create a deep, inviting experience to their space. Why not match your white cabinets with a butcher-block counter?


Mixing light cabinets with a dark wood island creates the perfect contrast.
Project: Markham Village Home

There are many kitchen trends taking place in 2015. It’s important to hire a contractor who can guide you towards trending designs, materials and colour choices as it may help you gain a better sense of what you want, or don’t want for your final product.

What other kitchen trends have you noticed this year? What would you like to see become a trend? I look forward to a lively discussion!

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