Renovating For The Book Lover

When we talk about renovations, we often think about kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Each room has a purpose, and based on our lifestyles, we can consider additional touches to make our space feel like the perfect home environment. So, if you have a book lover in your family, why not consider creating a reading nook in one of your favourite rooms?

We’ve done these in the past, and we find that they’re a wonderful addition to any space, adding a uniquely elegant touch to your home! Regardless of the type of space you’re working with, an enchanting reading area can be incorporated into many home renovation projects. Here are some beautiful and inspiring ways that you can create your ideal reading oasis:

Consider the entire space

When you’re renovating, take a look at what you’re trying to achieve in the space as a whole. Where would be the absolute best place for your reading nook? A den, an attic space, and even a loft area can be the perfect setting for your relaxation and enjoyment. How you renovate the specific floor where your reading space will be dictates the best possible placing for your peaceful haven.

In your considerations, have a look at what the full renovation will look like, and how the new reading area will fit into the overall “flow” of the renovation. Does this space fit with the new design of your fully renovated floor? Adjustments with these details in mind will create better synchronicity, ensuring that everything fits your vision.

Let the light shine in

One of the most important aspects of an ideal reading oasis is adequate lighting. We recommend reading in places that have direct access to spacious windows and ample light sources, such as your living room or sunroom. Not only do these options deliver spectacular natural light, they create an atmosphere of warmth and welcoming.

If natural light isn’t a possibility, a cozy lamp or an overhead fixture can transform a dimly lit nook into a bright and cheerful sanctuary. Choosing light fixtures for these purposes can be a lot of fun, and add an extra special touch to the full floor’s design.

Evaluate your commitment to the space

If you don’t want to commit part of a specific room to your reading pleasure, you may like to consider building a series of shelves, or bookshelf stairs to create an impromptu library. These shelves can be an addition to any existing room that lends to your comfort and relaxation.

Almost any room can have shelves added for this purpose. We recommend having a look at your favourite rooms in your home before making a definite decision on where you would like to put your library.

Add personal touches

Once the full renovation is completed, it’s time to add all of your own personal touches. This would include curtains, paintings, candles, flowers, or anything else that will create a warm, inviting space for you to enjoy. We recommend making your reading area as personal and as luxurious as you like. When you create something of beauty that is close to your heart, you’ll find that enjoying that space is not only easy, it’s more rewarding.

These ideas can create the perfect atmosphere for any bookworm who wants to absorb themselves in the quiet comfort of a cup of tea and a good book. We love being a part of renovations that include these touches, and would highly recommend them for anyone who wants to highlight their love of reading!