You’ve Decided To Remodel – Now What?

remodeling_1After thinking long and hard, you may have come to the decision to stay in your current home instead of moving.  Staying put may mean making some big changes, however!

If your house no longer suits your lifestyle or is simply outdated, the first place to start is asking yourself what you need the house to do for you. Whether it is additional sleeping space (extra bedrooms), a larger, more functional kitchen, or more general living space, there must be clear objectives in mind.

When remodeling, it is very important to think long-term. The changes you make should accommodate lifestyle changes that are foreseeable in the future. You may be adding children to your family, older children might be moving out, or parents could be moving in. It is critical to think ahead when making big changes!

Once you have determined the above, it is the optimal time to call in a reputable builder to look at what can be done to the space, inside and out, to make it all come together. A builder will be able to help you understand the implications of an addition, how the rooflines will work, and what the footprint will be to maximize your dream.

Getting an idea of what the vision is will help the builder give you a rough cost estimate. An accurate price will take more time to come together, as there are many details (structural changes to the existing building, landscape changes, etc.) that must be determined before a price tag can be attached to the project.

To help create a realistic budget, a piece of advice we always share with clients before we meet is to compile a “Have” list. This list would include all the things your house MUST have as a result of the remodel. From this list, you can also create a “Would Like To Have” and a “Don’t Need To Have” list so your goals are clear to the builder.

Use these tips to move forward in your remodeling process and hopefully it will save you time, and a few headaches! If you have anything to add or have any questions, please use the comment box below!