Preparing for Winter!


Preparing for Winter

Here it comes again! Weather experts are saying we’re in for another harsh winter, so we thought it would be a great time for a refresher of what we need to do before the freezing temperatures hit!

  • If you have a sump pump in your home, make sure it is functioning. Most summers are dry, and the sump pump sits unused. When winter approaches and the rain starts, then the snow, it all melts and the pump not working can come as a big surprise!
  • Make sure your eaves troughs are clear from the fallout of leaves.
  • Ensure the downspouts are not plugged as well.
  • Check the caulking on your windows and doors, as well as all penetrations through the exterior walls. They must be sealed properly.
  • Get your furnace and humidifier checked by a professional to confirm that it is running efficiently and effectively.
  • Have your fireplace(s) looked at by a professional to make sure they are clear of animal nests and other debris.
  • Clear out any debris from window wells.
  • Prepare a winter kit for the home that includes candles, flashlights, and batteries just in case a storm hits that causes power outages.

Taking the time to do all these small tasks can save you time and stress in the future! Do you have any other helpful winter preparation tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!