Master Edge Homes Raised the Second Floor Of This Historic Unionville Home

Historic homes are a uniquely rewarding challenge. In order to raise the second floor of a heritage home in Unionville, Ontario, Master Edge Homes applied innovative design techniques to maintain the structural integrity of the home, providing an incredible end-result that the homeowners will enjoy for generations to come.

The challenges

Under law, heritage homes are protected under specific property stipulations. Before Master Edge Homes started the renovation for a historic home in Unionville, they needed to attain exclusive permits to expand the existing structure.

In addition to the historic property permits, the home was located close to a river that was protected by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. The construction team had to therefore observe the necessary safety precautions to ensure that the building process did not interfere with the natural surroundings.

Master Edge Homes reviewed the homeowner’s design request, which required a closer and more detailed look at the actual structure of the second floor. Master Edge Homes found that previous renovations on the home were not structurally viable. The challenge was to find a way to raise the second floor of this home while maintaining the overall integrity of an historic building, a process that required expert execution.

The solution

To achieve this, the Master Edge Homes team needed to change the structure of the second floor. The best solution was to raise the second floor by 3 feet, so they could lift the walls and roof, to add new studs and plates to the perimeter of the main floor. Floor joints were also added to the second floor before the entire remaining structure of the second floor was lowered onto the walls, forming the new, and structurally sound addition.

This was an amazing feat taken on by Master Edge Homes to remedy the structural integrity of the home. The home was originally constructed as slab-on-grade, and didn’t have a basement, so the heating ducts ran across the ceiling. A brand new floor could have lowered the main floor to 6.8 feet and interrupt the heating system.

By raising the second floor, Master Edge Homes was able to accurately preserve the heating duct system and set the main floor ceiling at 9 feet.

The experts

The entire renovation took Master Edge Homes a total of 11 months to complete. Over 90 expert construction workers, designers, project managers, electricians, plumbers, and other building professionals were involved in this project from beginning to end, ensuring that every detail was executed to perfection.

If you are considering an addition to your heritage home, it’s important to understand that the process is intricate and especially complex, requiring knowledge and experience.

It takes time to renovate an historic property, and in the case of a larger-scale renovation, you’ll need to work with a renovation company that you can trust.

It’s also essential to work with a renovation company with experience in zoning and lot coverage standards. These standards are strictly enforced by municipal governments, and must be adhered to during the building process. A professional renovation company will be familiar and have the right contacts and experience to coordinate this process for you.

This renovation is just one example of how Master Edge Homes is committed to providing innovative renovation solutions to increase the value of your property while adding a level of comfort to your existing structure. They created an expertly designed, elegant home that this homeowner and their family are proud of.

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