Four Things You Need To Know About Your Home Renovation

Are you ready for your renovation? Once the final designs and schematics are in place, and the paperwork and permits are in order, it’s time to get to work and start making your dream home a reality!

Like many things, however, the journey is just as important as the destination. Here are four things that you need to know about your home renovation project, what you can expect overall, and how you can best navigate through the process.

It can get messy

Yes, there will definitely be some debris. Dust, dirt, wood shavings, and larger debris are all extremely common in any home renovation. The larger the project, the greater the mess, so be sure to keep this in mind.

Having said this, renovation crews are typically very careful to ensure that precautions are put in place to catch some of the subsequent dust and debris, ensuring that space remains as clean as possible. Master Edge Homes will often use equipment such as temporary zip or compression walls to contain the dust, and will also employ the use of air handlers to pull some of the dust out of the air and push it out of the house.

Safety first

In addition to the precautions put in place to disperse dust and smaller debris particles, safety precautions should also be a priority for your renovation crew. At Master Edge Homes, we thoroughly clean the renovation area after each day, removing waste, storing tools and materials, guarding railings, and protecting stairways for the renovation crew and clients.

If you are planning to visit the renovation site and check in on the process, be sure to adhere to the posted safety precautions. Just because you own the house and aren’t physically working, doesn’t mean you cannot get hurt. Yes it is your house but it’s also a construction zone.

Consider moving out or making temporary provisions

Noise and mess aside, your comfort can be compromised if you remain in the home, especially when the renovation project gets in the way of your family’s daily functions and needs.

A kitchen renovation, for example, will make access to running water, the stove, and other kitchen appliances impossible, or at least highly challenging. It’s easier, and more comfortable for your family, if you spend time with other relatives or family friends during the renovation.

Examining the pros and cons of moving out during the renovation process is a crucial aspect of weighing your costs against convenience. For example, moving out will be likely more comfortable for the family overall, but if it’s a smaller scale renovation, or confined to a specific space (e.g. a basement renovation) the cost of moving may not be worth the convenience. Factors such as these are entirely dependant on your family’s needs during the renovation process.

Some clients prefer to make temporary provisions so that they can remain in the home during the renovation process, like a temporary kitchen in the basement. Making temporary provisions can make the renovation process easier and less costly overall, while also ensuring the safety of your family. It may also be a fun idea to go on a mini family vacation for a couple of days, if part of the renovation requires the house to be empty (e.g. spray foam, or stair staining).

Although moving out is typically easier for the renovation crew, it’s important to put your family’s comfort first.

Expect the unexpected

You can do all the planning in the world, but when it comes down to the actual renovation, there are nearly always unexpected challenges to work through, most of which can cause delays.

Even though planning won’t always eliminate the possibility of delays, we make sure that we communicate every aspect of the process to ensure that our clients are up-to-date with everything that’s happening in their renovation. With the help of our Client Care System we’re able to stay in constant communication with our clients, making sure that they’re aware of every challenge they may face on the journey towards their dream home.

 In our 35+ years of experience, we’ve created a highly collaborative process that allows for us to renovate stunning, luxurious homes for clients and their families. Every project is unique, so the renovation process is never exactly the same for one client as it is for another. However, by knowing what you can expect, and by keeping in communication with our renovation team, Master Edge Homes will be there for you step of the way.

To learn more about how you can transform your home, either with a single floor or full home renovation, contact Master Edge Homes today!