What To Expect With Master Edge Homes’ Client Care System


The integration of technology and construction has become a powerful entity in our modern, digital age. A greater need for clients to have a personal, in-depth experience of their renovation project has prompted Master Edge Homes’ use of the Client Care System, a software tool that helps their clients witness the renovation process digitally from behind the scenes.

With extensive work on historic homes and other complex renovation projects, Master Edge Homes’ President, Dwayne Butler, believes that the Client Care System was an absolute necessity for all of their valued clients. Here’s more of what he had to say about how this software tool enhances the renovation project that Master Edge Homes runs: 

What’s the big thing that clients need to know about the Client Care System? 

Dwayne: “The Client Care System offers a web-based and mobile project management software tool that keeps you up to date on your entire project. The system tracks the project from beginning to end, while allowing for direct and open communication between client and project manager. There is complete transparency: our clients have access to scheduling, budget tracking, photo documentation, and deadlines for choosing materials (e.g. tiling, siding, etc). Basically, it gives you the opportunity to take part in the actual building process, seeing everything unfold right in front of your eyes.”

How long has the Client Care System been in use at Master Edge Homes?

Dwayne: “We’ve been using the tool for six years now. Master Edge Homes itself is a little over 14 years old.”

Why did you decide to integrate this software tool into your business?

Dwayne: “We wanted our clients to join in on the renovation process and see the progress for themselves, to have them be a part of the fun in the building process, from beginning to end. We began the search for the perfect software that would align with our values, as well as meet the needs of our clients. We tried several platforms, but none of them had the exact business synergy, values, and transparency for the clients that we were looking for. When we started using the Client Care System we found that it was a great way for our clients to work with the project managers and builders. It gave them an aspect of creative control while keeping all of their information completely private. It’s been a wonderful way of showing our clients how much we care!”

What other aspects of the Client Care System are helpful for your clients?

 Dwayne: “Instead of using email for communication, everything is stored on the platform. The software is for our clients to make the building process with Master Edge Homes smoother and more exciting. Additionally, when the program is downloaded, it can be used as a way of understanding the basis of what’s actually involved in the renovation process in-depth. For employees of Master Edge Homes, it also serves as a sales tool, helping them pitch the building process and our other valuable services to our clients. The endless possibilities helps us create a service for our clients that is unlike any other on the market.”

 Dwayne’s personal approach to client care in conjunction with this powerful software tool creates a client experience that is uniquely interactive. By involving our clients in the building process through the Client Care System that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, Master Edge Homes makes all clients feel like a part of the team.

 For more information about what Master Edge Homes has to offer, or for a tour of what the Client Care System has to offer, contact us today.

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