Creating A Unique Touch To Your Home

Although you may have found your “dream home,” as you know, there’s always room for improvement. To ensure your house speaks to your personality, and doesn’t resemble all of the other houses on your street, we recommend that our clients add a unique touch to their home renovation. Not only is this an opportunity to be more involved in your home renovation process, but the thought behind it will ensure your love for your home will last for years to come. Here’s what to consider if you’re looking to add a unique touch to your home.

Designing for client comfort

Some of our favourite design touches have been at the request of our clients to make them feel more comfortable, or overcome an obstacle in their home. For example, we built a footstool into the toe kick in one client’s kitchen, allowing easier access for that client’s family members who would have difficulty reaching some of the higher shelving units otherwise.

For another client, we created a shower unit that incorporated a shower bench and a handheld shower head. This allowed our clients’ elderly family member to shower with the comfort and flexibility of both design additions, while leaving ample space on the other end of the shower to stand.

Additions create opportunities

Another way of adding a design element to your home is to build an addition to your existing structure. Whether this is to create an in-law suite, or because you and your family simply want more space, this option offers amazing opportunities for one-of-a-kind design elements.

One of our favourite examples is this East Side Storey home. When our clients requested that an addition be built on top of their existing structure, we decided to incorporate the original roof into the design, creating a cathedral-style ceiling that was truly unlike anything you would see in a regular home addition.

In combination with the other aspects of their home addition’s structural design, this gave our clients a stunning touch that could be enjoyed and admired for years to come.

Be wary of built-in digital transformations

Some of our clients had previously incorporated digital technology into their home renovations, such as speaker systems, or other home audio equipment. Instead of building directly into the drywall of your living room, kitchen, or other room of your house, we recommend adding digital equipment as add-ons. This may include video surveillance equipment, smart thermostats, and other smart home technology. This ensures that any add-ons can be removed easily in the future when they become outdated.

There are so many options when considering your own unique design: the possibilities are endless! Every renovation we do is geared towards accommodating the individual needs of each client. For more information on how we can customize your home to match your personal taste, contact us today!