Choosing The Right Contractor


Are you getting ready for a remodel in 2014, or better yet, drawing up the plans for your custom dream home? If so, you have a very important decision on your hands; which contractor will you hire?

Firstly, make sure you do your research and explore your options. The first contractor you find/are referred to may seem great, but it is important to have others to compare to.

Once you have 3-5 potential candidates, it’s time to lay the groundwork. Ask for references from each contractor and set time aside to call them. You’ll get your best information through first-hand testimonials from contractors past clients. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Were the subcontractors respectful and easy to talk with?
  • Was the site kept clean and organized?
  • Did the team limit the dust throughout the house?
  • Did the project run into any problems/setbacks? If so, how did the contractor deal with them?
  • Did the contractor meet the project deadline?

And most importantly:

  • Would you hire them again?

This should help you narrow it down to two options. Next, schedule a consultation with your top choices. When you meet with the contractors to discuss your remodel or build, there are a few things to consider:

  • Has the contractor provided a formal written quote?
  • Are numbers and costs supported by detailed explanation?
  • Would you be willing to leave the team in your home alone?

If you’re seeing large costs with little explanation, that is cause for concern. Similarly, if you would not feel comfortable essentially sharing your home with the contractor and his team, do not continue any further.

It is so important to take the time and make an informed decision on a home contractor. Have you made an uninformed or rush decision when it came to choosing your contracting team in the past? Share your experience with us in the comments below!