Adding Natural Light To Your Home

Adding Natural Light To Your Home

At no other time in the year do we crave sunlight the way we do in the long, dark winter months. It is amazing how much the sun impacts our well-being – Vitamin D goes a long way!

Unfortunately, some of our homes just do not allow for an abundance of natural light to fill the rooms. If you’re a lover of natural light but don’t think you can have as much as you’d like in your home, you’re in luck. There are a few options available that you can explore.

Exterior doors with glass inserts are becoming very popular. They do permit natural light, and the glass can provide as much, or as little, privacy as you wish. If you would like more natural lighting at your entrance, consider sidelights. These are the “windows” that appear along the side of the exterior door.

If you are fortunate enough to have walls that are at least 9 feet in height, you may consider transom windows. Transom windows are the smaller windows placed over a larger window or door to allow more sunlight in while maintaining privacy.

Transom windows, on their own, are also called piano windows. These piano windows are great if you have:

  • a limited view – such as a brick wall
  • a need for more privacy – such as in a bedroom which also might have a less than pleasing view
  • limited space above ground for a full-sized window – such as a basement

Skylights are a great source for added natural lighting in the areas directly under the roof (upper level of a house or in areas that have a cathedral ceiling). If the increase in natural light isn’t comfort enough, you have the option to have them open to provide added ventilation.

Sun tunnels are growing in popularity. These tubular shafts capture daylight at the roof and carry it down to deliver into your home. They can direct light anywhere you want…even into your basement! An added bonus…you don’t have to worry about cleaning them! Take a look at these images below to understand how they work:

P_PR_TSR_00001A_280 IMG_2919

As with any renovation or custom build, planning is crucial! When considering natural light, think about the location of the sun in the different seasons. Would the lower sun in the winter months, or the higher sun in the summer months, have any impact in the amount of natural light you would want in the corresponding season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!